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How to Manually Add Missed Punches

Employees forget to punch. It happens, especially when getting used to a new system. Fortunately, On the Clock makes it easy to add and edit punches. You can add punches for one employee, or multiple at a time:

Add Day:

    To add a punch for one day, in Time Cards, click the green "Add Day" button shown above. A box labeled "Adding a day" will appear.

1. Click in the "Date" field. A nice little drop-down calendar will appear. Select the date for the punches. 

2. Click "select employee." Choose one from the drop-down Employees list.

3. Hit "add punch."

4. Enter punch in time.

5. Enter punch out time. (If you want to manually add breaks, for the "out" time put what time the employee would have clocked out for break, and hit "add punch" again. A second set of "In/Out" boxes will appear. In the new "In" box, enter what time the employee came back from break. Repeat this process if there were multiple breaks taken. Then in the final blank "Out" box, enter the time the employee's shift ended.)

6. Hit.

If you don't care about the punch times, skip steps 4 and 5. You can put a straight amount of hours worked in the "TOTAL" box under "Override Hours." Then hit.

Note: Entering anything into the "Override Hours" section will override any other punches for the selected day.

***If you don't care about punch times and need to enter multiple days of missed punches for a single employee, see "Add Multi Day" below.***

Add Multi Day:

    For adding straight hours ("override hours") for an employee, hit the green "Add Multi Day" button at the top of this page instead of "Add Day." This will bring up a large pop-up window that looks like this:

(e.g. Above we are just making sure Ambellina gets credited with working 8 hours on 10/1 and 10/2, 6 hours on 10/3, etc. Punch times aren't necessary)

1. Select employee

2. Enter the amount of hours you want to be recorded for each of the dates presented. *This feature is parallel to your current pay period settings. My pay period in the picture above is weekly, with Monday (10/1) as the first day of the pay period.

3. Hit.