Canned Response for “Username/ Email already in use “

The reason why On The Clock is adding 4 digits to the end of your Email Address or Username is because it is already in use in our system. Instead of our system not allowing you to use the username or email you have entered we add 4 digits to the end to make it unique. Usually the cause of this is returning employees that you may have deleted in the past. In that case we do suggest you restore them from your recycling bin. Your recycling bin can be found when you click on the Employees Icon at the top. Scroll towards the bottom and click on the link “Accidentally deleted an employee? Click here to restore the employee.

Find the employee and restore their record, do not forget to delete the record that had the 4 digits after it so that you do not have duplicates.

If this is not the case and you have never had this employee employed with you then chances are their username or email address is already in use and you will have to choose another one for them.