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Getting Started: Adding Employees

So, you've just signed up for On The Clock and you need your employees to get on board. Once you get the basics set up, using OTC is easy.

First things first! Add those employees (or just a few to get the hang of things)! 


 You can always access this screen by clicking on the green "Add Multiple" button on the

Employees page.

Start by adding the names of your employees, then giving them usernames. Usernames can be whatever you want, but are most useful when you enter an email address.


TIP: If you do not want to use an email for the employee's username, you should add their mobile phone number (this allows you to still easily send them an invite to On the Clock).


You can assign your own passwords to your employees if you'd like. If not, just leave the field blank and one will be generated automatically. If you don't have your own employee numbering system, just leave Emp # blank. Now hit. Your employees will receive an email or text message with their login info and a link to the Time Clock Log In page.

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