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Employees Unable to Log In?

We all forget our password on occasion, but sometimes there's just something else going on. When you receive an error message such as "The email/username or password was not found," there could be several things at play. Let's take a look at the most common culprit.

The most common cause of someone being unable to log in (other than forgotten login credentials) is a username being already in use in our system. When an employee's username/email already exists somewhere else in our system, OTC automatically applies four numbers to the end, to make it unique. You can check for this by logging in as an Admin, and selecting the employee in question from the Employees list. In the yellow field for "Email/User Name" you will see the four numbers added to the end of the username.

This most commonly happens when you add an employee to your account that you have deleted previously. When you delete an employee, they get sent to what we like to call the "Recycling Bin." This can be accessed by going to the Employees page, scrolling down, and clicking on this link:

From the Deleted Employees page (or "Recycling Bin") you can restore an employee. Take note of the employee number of deleted employees, so when you restore the original, you know which one to delete from your employees page.

Click Restore and then return to your employees page. Click the red "X" to the right of the duplicate employee (*not the one you just restored), then "yes" when the dialogue box pops up. Lastly, return to the "Recycling Bin" (Deleted Employees) and permanently delete the duplicate.

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