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How to Read Time Card Entries

When you go to your Time Cards page, either click on the little pencil to the right of an entry, or simply click while one is highlighted. This will bring up the "Adjusting Day" window. This is where you manually add/edit punches. Along with punch details, this displays a wealth of additional information. Let's dive into some of the most used and most useful areas on this screen.

1. Punch in time.

2. Punch out time.

        Both (1) and (2) will show a small, green or red box with two letters inside to the right of or below the punch in and out times. This denotes the type of device used for punching.

            [db]: Desktop browser

            [an]: Android device

            [ap]: (Apple) iOS device (iPhone, iPad)

            [mb]: Mobile browser (ex. Chrome or Safari)

            [ad]: Administrative punch (Admin punched for an employee)

3. Notes. This is where notes from various sources will show up, including employee punch notes (when enabled by an admin). An admin can enable employee punch notes by going to Employees > (Select Employee) > (Alerts & Messaging tab) > Punch Messages > choose "Allow" or "Allow & Email Manager."

4. Override hours. This is where you'd enter hours worked by an employee when you aren't concerned with exact punch times (just need to show Jessica worked 8 hours on Wednesday? Just put 8 in the REG field and it will populate her time card with 8 hours worked).

5. Time card notes. This is where admins or managers may add notes regarding the employee's punches for that day (or whatever the admin/mgr finds useful). The employee will never see notes entered here.

6. Show punch map. If an employee punches using a mobile device with GPS enabled, you can see on a map where that employee was when he/she punched.

7. View Audit Log. This first requires that the audit trail be turned on. Do this by going to Settings > Time Card Settings > under the bold heading "Options," turn Time Card Audit Trail to "On." Hit "Save". When turned on, clicking "View Audit Log" will detail any changes made to that time card entry, who made them, and when. 

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