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How to Set up SMS Text Punch Notifications

Setting up SMS punch notifications allows an admin/manager to receive text messages when an employee punches in or out. This setting is specific to each employee, so you'll want to go into each employee separately to configure it. This allows you to customize the feature to work best for you (e.g. you may only want to know when one specific employee punches in, but not out, and not care about notifications for other employees--you can do this!).

Then select the employee that you would like to receive notifications from (from the Employees page).

Go over to the Alerts & Messaging tab. 

From here you can choose any admins/managers you'd like to receive the notifications. Enter the number of the mobile phone of each person you add. Then select whether you want them to receive a text from every punch in, punch out, or both, for that employee.

Hit Save.

NOTE: This feature is free during your trial. However, once your account is activated, this feature will cost you a fee of $2.00/month (you do not have to pay this per employee, it is just $2.00 flat for the account) and $0.01 for each sent text message)

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