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How to Add Holiday PTO

Adding Holiday PTO (paid time off) works a little differently than adding normal PTO. Do your employees receive PTO for certain holidays, such as New Years, Labor Day, Christmas, etc? Whatever the day, adding PTO separately for each employee can be a bit of a hassle. Holiday PTO doesn't tend to be "accrued" the same way other types of PTO are, anyway.

For your sake, we've simplified the process. :)

To easily apply that paid time off to multiple employees, click PTO at the top of your screen and select Add Bulk PTO.

Step 1 - Select Employees: Check the box next to each employee you'd like the PTO to apply to.

Step 2 - Select Year for PTO to be Added: Obvious, right? Just pick the current year to apply the PTO to this year's holidays. But this is cool because it also allows you to set up next year's PTO ahead of time, should you choose to do so.

Step 3 - Specify PTO Hours to be Added: This is where you choose which days you want to pay your employees for. In the HOL column, put an "8" in the box for each paid holiday that corresponds with your holiday PTO policy.

Step 4 - Verify Employees, dates, and hours, and save: Exactly. Always double-check your work and always remember to hit "Save PTO" following the making of any changes.

After completing these this, you will be able to see the hours applied to your time cards. In your Time Cards page, from the drop-down Period menu, select the pay period that one of your holidays falls under. If you have the HOL column visible, you will see the 8 hours applied to each of the employees you selected for the steps above. When you export your time cards to payroll, the employees will be compensated for those holidays.

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