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How to Create Employee Groups

Creating Employee Groups can make for an easier time managing your employees' settings. If you expect most of your employees' profiles to look the same (same type of security settings regarding how they can punch, same overtime settings, same time zone, etc), they can save you a considerable amount of time. Employee Groups allow you to configure settings for a single profile, then add people to that profile, or group. In other words, you configure your employees' settings once, and they are applied to everyone. You can always customize a specific setting for a specific employee, if need be.

Create an Employee Group by doing the following (while logged in as Admin):

  1. Go to Settings > 
  2. Employee Groups >
  3. New Employee Group >
  4. Give your group a name.
  5. Look over the rest of the settings to make sure everything is right.
  6. Hit.

Now that you've created a profile, or an Employee Group, go your Employees page and select an employee that you want to assign to the group. At the very top of the employee's profile page, you should see the option to select an Employee Group.

From this yellow drop-down menu you can choose a Group to assign the employee to. As I mentioned earlier, you can always change a specific setting for an employee (without disrupting any settings for any of the other employees in the group!) by checking the littlebox next to a particular setting. Then any changes made will only happen to the one employee.