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How to Set up Managers & Add Additional Administrators

Adding managers or additional administrators can be a great way to help reduce the burden of the main admin (the account holder). Administrators have full access to everything in the account–billing info, account info, the ability to add/delete other admins and managers from the account, and have full time card editing privileges. Managers can be set up a few different ways, but will never have access to billing or account info. They will also never be able to add or delete admins or other managers.

Adding an additional admin is very straight forward. Go to Settings > Administrators > "Add Administrator." From here just fill in the new admin's name, email, and password. Hitting the "Send Invite Email" will send him/her an email with their login info (email/password). 

Managers have a few more settings to configure, such as Employee Permission, Time Card Permission, and View Employee Payroll.

Employee Permission: 

    Assigned: Restricts the manager to viewing only those employees they are assigned to. This includes viewing employee profiles (settings) and time cards.

    All: Manager may view all employees.

Time Card Permission: 

    Read Only: Restricts manager to only viewing time cards. This means no time card editing privileges.

    Full: Allows for full time card editing privileges.

View Employee Payroll:

    If you've entered pay rates for your employees, checking this box will allow the manager to view those rates–along with giving access to the "payroll" option in time cards (this shows a gross total of the employee's wages based on the hours worked so far in a given pay period). *note: Our pay rates feature is a very basic budgeting tool. It does not take taxes or anything other than gross total into account.

After configuring these settings, as always with making any changes, you'll want to hit the greenbutton. =)


Now, if your manager is set to "assigned", you'll probably want to actually assign him/her to an employee. You do this this by doing the following: 

(As the admin) Go to Employees, and choose the employee you want to assign a manager to. In the "General" tab, under Additional Optionsyou'll see a field for Manager. Select the manager you want to assign to that employee, then go ahead and hit our trustybutton.