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How to Set up Job and Project Costing

Job and project costing allows you to calculate the approximate cost of a job/project. This is huge for contractors and various other employers trying to figure out the most cost-effective way to get a job done, and for determining which jobs are most profitable. OnTheClock gives you the tools you need to get these answers. With these tools at your disposal, you have a few different ways of tracking job hours. Let's check them out:

1. Setting up a list of jobs for your employees to choose from upon clocking in.

        You can set this up by going to Settings > Jobs > clicking "Add New." You can ignore the job code. Turn on job selection for employees by selecting an employee from the employee list (at the top of the page), and scrolling down to the bottom of their profile page (in the "General" tab). Under the header "Job & Project Costing", change "Job Selection" to "on." Hit.


                    -Employees have a nice pre-populated list of jobs to choose from when they punch in. 

                    -Allows for running reports based on jobs worked.

                    -Jobs will show when Time Cards are "printed" (which downloads the file as a PDF).


                    -You cannot "require" (force) an employee to choose a job upon punching. You can only present them with the options to choose from, but

                     they are able to log in without choosing from the list at all. 

2. Setting up a list of jobs under "Customers" or "Projects" instead of "Jobs."

        You can set these up by going to Settings > Job & Project Costing Setup > under "Customers" or "Projects" add your jobs into the yellow fields. It will only show the three boxes to start out, but once you've filled them up and you hit, it will automatically generate 3 more boxes (yellow fields) for entering more jobs. You can even click on the pencil icon next to "Projects" or "Customers" and rename them whatever works best for you, such as "jobs." 

You'll notice you can also add nested sub-projects/tasks. If you add anything in these, the employee will only be able to choose from the sub-projects/tasks that you've listed within the nested group. For example, with the above screen shot, if an employee chooses the customer "Writing Writer", they can then choose "Amory Project", and then either "Crafting End" or "Crafting Beginning." 

For the employee to get these options to choose from, you must then go to Employees > choose an employee > scroll down to where it says Job & Project Costing, and turn on whichever category you want your employee to choose from. So if you only filled out the fields under "Customers", you can turn it to "on" or "on, required," if you'd like them to be forced to choose from the list every time they clocked in. If it's just set to "on", the employee can bypass it and just clock in without choosing anything.


                    -Employees have a nice pre-populated list of jobs to choose from when they punch in. 

                    -Allows for running reports based on jobs/customers/projects/tasks worked.

                    -Allows the admin to "require" (or force) the employee to pick from the list before clocking.


                    -These won't show up on time cards if you "print" them (which downloads the time card as a PDF).