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How to Enable Employee Punch Messages

Punch messages allow an employee to enter a note upon punching, whether punching in or out. This is super useful for various reasons, especially since you can opt to have the an email notify your admin or manager when an employee enters one. This is great for an employee noting to his/her employer, for example: "Hey, I was 15 minutes late today because so-and-so" or "I'm sorry I got here at 8:45 even though I'm just punching in now–I forgot!" Or leaving a note when punching out: "I left the Smith documents in the Jacobs file because I hadn't finished analyzing them yet." And of course you could use punch messages for all sorts of things, this is just to paint the picture a little bit. =)

You can turn these on per-employee. This means you'll want to go in and enable them for each employee individually. To do this:

While logged in as an admin or manager, Go to the "employees" page. Click on the employee you want to turn the messages on for. It starts you out on the General tab. Switch over to the Alerts & Messaging tab.

Down where it says "Punch Messages" you can choose to "Allow" or "Allow & Email Manager." If you choose to Allow & Email Manager, an email will be sent (for each punch message entered) to the first manager listed on the employee or the main admin on the account.

Don't forget to hit!

What does the employee see? Check it out below: