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How to Use Time Card Filters

OnTheClock offers several different methods of sorting through your time cards. On your "Time Cards" page, if you don't already see these additional filtering options, you should see a blue link (shown below) that says "Click For More Options." Click that. =)

Now you should be able to see these filters for sorting your time card data.

Sorting by Employee (Emp), Department (Dept), Manager (Mgr), and Job, are all fairly self-explanatory, and work as you would expect. Sorting by Department Worked (Dept Wrkd) will show any shifts worked by an employee with "department transferring" enabled (this is more of a specialized type of search–if you don't use department transferring than you can ignore it) that have chosen a department upon clocking in. Using the Custom search filter allows you to enter a range of up to 3 months at a time. This will cause any overtime to be recalculated based on your newly filtered dates, so be aware of that.  

Sorting by Dates will always give you a set of pay period start dates and pay period end dates. This is helpful for seeing a custom range and keeping your OT in tact.