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How to Use the "Who's In" Feature

Our "Who's In" feature is great for seeing who's on and off the clock at-a-glance, and is one of our most utilized features. While logged in as an admin, click on the "Who's In" icon at the top of the page (shown below).

This takes you to the screen shown above. From here not only can you see who's on or off the clock, but you can easily punch someone in or out manually. This is great for when an employee forgets to punch in. It allows you to not only punch the employee in for them, but specify the punch in time as well! The same goes for punching an employee out, as can be seen in the the image below for Ambellina.

If your employees are punching in on mobile devices, depending your settings, you can click "Show Map" to show where each employee clocked in or out for that day. "Who's In?" is the ultimate at-a-glance tool for an admin or manager.