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Sort by Date

Is there anyway that the sort by date can be added to the newer adventurous layout? It was present in the older version. For our company, On The Clock does not allow efficient payroll with the current updated version.


Hi Stefan,

While in your time cards, toward the top of the page near your "period" filter, you should see a blue link that says "Click for more options." If you click that you will see the filter you are looking for. Let me know if you have any other questions.

Best regards,


There still does not seem to be that option. I see I can select which period, date range, dept wrkd, emp, dept, mgr, and job. There is no filter so sort the punches by each day of the period like there was in the old version. For example I am looking for something like this:


Employee 1 worked 3.30 hours and clocked in at 12:00 and clocked out at 3:30

Employee 2 worked 2.00 hours and clocked in at 3:30 and clocked out at 5:30


Employee 1 worked 4 hours and clocked in at 8:00 and clocked out at 12:00

The old time clock was able to do this under the sort by Date/name option.


I see! Check this box here and it will do the same thing for you.

I hope this helps! =)

All that does is add the punch information to the default sorting. Right now the new system only shows all the punches for the individual employee. It is sorted by employee, not by date. Here is a snip from your old system:


I need the sort by function on the new system. I need to be able to change sort by Name, Date (which is the default on the new system, to Sort By Date, Name.


Ok everything makes sense now. We don't have this functionality anymore, but I have added the request to our feature request list!

Thank you for your feedback. =)

Best regards,


Thank you so much! Without that sort tool, the new version is unusable for us.

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